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Base plastic cells with a pin 30 pcs.

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Colored base plastic cells - 30 pieces - different colors. Base plastic cells is a suitable tool breeding of bee queens.

Colored base plastic cells - various colors - 30 pieces

Colored base plastic cells - various colors - 30 pieces. Colored base plastic cell is a useful aid in Bee Queen behavior. It is used to make a royal jelly. The cells are made of plastic and have an inside diameter of 9 mm and height of 10 mm. These dimensions correspond to the original parent cell. They are fitted with a pin of 2 millimeters, which ensures the insertion of the bowl into the hole of the holder.

Before using the cells, it is advisable to insert them into the sugar solution, thereby creating the conditions for rapid adoption by the bees. You can place the cells directly on the reel rods of the breeding frame after pre-drilling holes with a depth of 1.8 to 2 mm. You can place up to ten cells on the bar.

The color in the photos is for illustration only. Cells have different colors depending on what supplier is currently available to us. They can be from transparent, pastel colors to black.



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