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Wick for candles 4 to 7 m

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Woven wick wool, 100% cotton. Designed in candles of various diameters. Below the pictures you can choose the desired wick width. Swabs from the Bee Research Institute at Dole.

Candles for candles

The suggested uses are typical, although you may need to go to a larger or smaller size depending on your wax formula. Braided cotton. Wick was originally designed for beeswax candles. Today, this wick is used in all types of candle systems. This unique construction combined with our chemical treatment processes make it an excellent choice for waxes that are highly viscous when molten, like beeswax and vegetable wax. Wick is engineered to curl while burning, minimizing carbon build-up. This wick is constructed of 100% natural fibers and is finished with chemical treatments to improve burn qualities.

Woven knot wool, 100% cotton. Designed into candles of various diameters and, depending on their length, different lengths. Below the pictures you can choose the desired wick width. The wider the knot the shorter. Swabs from the Bee Research Institute at Dole.
Manufacture of beeswax candles.

Depending on the shape of the trapezoid you will have different thickness and height of the candles.
Slowly wax the wax slicer so that the individual layers adhere well to one another. At the first couple of turns, the cloth can crack a little.
We select the wick strength according to the final thickness of the candle, if the wick is too thin, the candle burns badly.
You can buy beewax beaten candles or make them yourself. You can make them even with very young children because they do not work with anything hot when they are produced.

We use wax partitions from 100% beeswax. You buy the waves according to the supposed power of the candle. If we want to make sure that the wick is really burning without problems, we can wipe it with wax in the front.
A) Wick for candles of thickness 1cm, 7.7m
B) wick for candles of thickness 1-2cm, 7.2m
C) knot for candles of thickness 2-4cm, 6.7m
D) knot for candles of thickness 3-5cm, 6,3m
E) knot for candles of thickness 4-6cm, 4.8m
F) knot for candles of thickness 5-7cm, 4,4m

Below the pictures, choose the type of wick according to the assumed candle thickness.


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