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Honey extractor Lyson OPTIMA, 6 frames, dia. 80 cm

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Medomet - zvratný, elektrický, nerezový, na šest rámků.Včelařský medomet s elektrickým pohonem - větší. Elektro motor je umístěn ve spodní části medometu ...

Honey extractor Lyson OPTIMA, 6 frames, dia. 80 cm

Honey extractor from Poland company Lyson. This honey extractor is for 6 frames. Reversible basket with lot of space for all frame sizes. You can swith between 12 V power supply and 230 V power supply. Honey extractor is made from stainless steel (0H18N9, food grade).

Technical parameters:

  • Max size of frame: 46x25 cm

  • Basket type: reversible

  • Total height: 112 cm

  • Height of edge of container: 104 cm

  • Honey gate height from the ground: 38 cm

  • Container diameter: 80 cm

  • Type of control unit: HE-01U

  • Direction of rotation: right, left

  • Performance: 280 W


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